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Past Master's and Past Master Rings

The honorable position of Past Master is usually honored by the brethren.
Generally it is considered as second in importance only to that of the
presiding Master. It is a good and wise Master who sees to it that the
brothers in his lodge understand that "Past Master" is no empty title. The
title carries with it certain rights and privileges, certain duties and
responsibilities, all set forth in the general body of Masonic Law.
It has been well settled in this country, as it is in England, that a Past
Master has no inherent, inviolable right of membership in the Grand Lodge,
such as is possessed by the Master of a lodge. But in many American
Jurisdictions, by action of the Grand Lodge, Past Masters are members of the
Grand Lodge
Past Masters are said to possess the right to preside over their lodges, in
the absence of the Master, and on the invitation of the Senior Warden, or in
his absence, the Junior Warden.
Just when does a Master become a Past Master. He is installed as Master
"until his successor be regularly elected and installed." From this point of
view the Master is Master until his successor has been made Master by
installation; in other words, the right to install his successor is inherent
in the office of Master, and not Past Master.
Upon becoming a Past Master, one is deserving of wearing a Past Master Ring.


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